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For more information you may contact us by email at

Acme's Banner Exchange

What is the Acme Magic banner Exchange?
Acme Magic Advertising Network is the only banner exchange dedicated exclusively to magic and magic related sites on the web today, If you have any magic related site and you want to be noticed this is the place to start. 
Click Here to see what kind of sites we except.

What is Acme Magic Advertising Network?
Acme Magic Advertising Network is an association of web sites that trade banner advertising
space for free!

How do I sign up for free banner advertising with Acme Magic?

* Complete the join application form.
* Insert your HTML member code into your web pages.
* Submit a banner GIF and have it approved.

What is an "active Acme Magic network member?"
"Active members" refer to accounts that are participating fully in Acme Magic. This means that
they have completed the above steps.

Will you ever start charging me?
No. The Acme Magic Advertising Network is and always will be a free service. We are dedicated to helping websites of all sizes promote themselves. We do have paid services that you may decide to use, but our free services will always be free!

How does it work?
Each time a member's banner will be shown twice in your website your associated own banner will be shown once on another member site.  For each banner displayed on your site you'll earn .5 credit and each time your own banner will be broadcasted you'll consume 1 credit.

When do I start receiving credits?
You can start earning ad credits immediately! Just register, login, and insert the provided
Acme Magic HTML code into your website.

Can I stop advertising anytime?
Yes, just remove the Acme Magic HTML code from your page and please let us know
via e-mail to if you decide to stop advertising. Please include
your site URL in your cancellation e-mail.

What are the file formats that Acme Magic accepts?
Acme Magic accepts GIF format only. The image must be 468 x 60 pixels, 72 dpi,
maximum size is 16K. Or must be 125 x 125 pixels, 72 dpi, maximum size is 7K.

Does my ad have to contain the Acme Magic logo?
No, we will attach a Acme Magic text link below the banner.

Can I change my ad whenever I want?
Yes, if you have a new banner ad, you may login to the Members Area screen and use our banner upload feature.

How many credits do I need to advertise?
Each time a Acme Magic Network ad is shown on your site , you receive one credit.
Two credits is all you need to show your banner ad on another Acme Magic member's site.
Even if you haven't submitted your banner ad, you can still start earning credits by
advertising other sites.

Does Acme Magic keep count of how many times a user has accessed my page by clicking on my banner ad?
Yes, you can see it on the stats in the Members Area.

Where should I locate my HTML code?

You should place the Acme Magic HTML code in a highly visible location (as close to
the top of your page as practical). By doing this you'll receive more credits: Banners have
a better chance of loading/displaying on your page and you only get credits if the banners load.

Can I put a banner on more than one page?
Yes you can, with the same HTML code. Thus you will increase earning credits.

What are the Terms and Conditions?
Click here to see the terms and conditions.

Can I buy credits?
Yes you can, please
Click here to see our rates card.

Why doesn't my banner display on my site?
The program only displays your banner on the sites of other members. After all, advertising
your site on itself is pointless, and therefore it will not do so.

Where is the Acme Magic server located?
Our site is set up on a server located in USA. All Acme Magic Stats use Pacific time.

How do I get more Credits for my banner?
Your banner will be shown on more sites if your own banner code is hit more often. The easiest way to facilitate this is to put your banner code on more than one page, and/or pages with high traffic.

You can also join our Campaign Program.

Banners don't show on my page?
Make sure you have copied the HTML for your membership completely. Small changes can cause banners to not be shown. It is also important to use your own HTML code so that you receive proper credit for showing banners on your site.

Still have questions? Want to provide feedback?
Just e-mail us at would love to hear from you.

You can also join a free general banner exchange!
Your banner will be shown on general sites. Click on the banner below to sign up. We recive credit if you sign up, so help us help you.

Disclaimer: Acme Magic has no control over the content, quality, or services of any of the sites listed on this page, therefore, we make NO guarantees as to such including as to the accuracy, currency, content, or quality of any sites information or services. Under NO circumstances shall Acme Magic  be liable to any user due to that user's use of the content or services arising from any use of listed sites content, information, or services.

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Last modified: January 18, 2001