Q: What does my site have to be about?

A: Do you have any kind of magic-related site?

Q: What will ACME Banner Exchange do for me?

A: You will get more exposure and allow you to be recognized easier in the magic community!

Q: Will it cost me to advertise?

A: NO! If you chose the free option you will only be required to insert a short HTML code into your site.

Q: Will the "short HTML code" damage my site in anyway?

A: Absolutely not! The code will only tell your vistors browser to show a picture (Banner) in random order on your webpage. The code in no way shape or form can steal or use your site in any other manner.
*Basically speaking, the "code" tells your server to reach over to our server and holds up a picture of other people banners, then puts it back after the viewer leaves your site.

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Dedicated to help you get the recognition you deserve.
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Kind of sites we except it the exchange

Different size banners we can  except

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